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Anterior Hip Replacement

What is anterior hip replacement?

Anterior approach hip replacement allows insertion of a hip prosthesis between muscles on the front of the hip. This is a different approach to the more commonly used posterior or lateral approaches which require splitting or cutting muscles or tendons.

What are potential advantages of anterior hip replacement?

There may be advantages with regards to reduced operative pain and improved mobility, particularly in
the first 6 weeks after surgery. While early recovery is important, the main focus of joint replacement is long term outcome, which is determined by using a tried and tested prosthesis with an excellent long term track record. I use the same prosthesis regardless of the surgical approach. Long term outcome is also determined by accurate positioning.

How is anterior hip replacement performed?

Anterior approach hip replacement uses the interval between the sartorius and tensor fascia lata muscles. The new hip is inserted with the help of gentle leg manipulation and special instruments. I do not use a special traction table.

A computer navigation system is used in the operating theatre to map important bony landmarks, and help confirm accurate positioning of the implants and leg length.

Not everyone is appropriate for anterior approach hip replacement. Please see the Am I a Candidate information on my website or discuss with me in person.